Cutie Pie Rabbitry & Caviary have been established since 1995.  What began as a simple 4-H project has manifested into a life long love of buns and piggies!
While I have had rabbits and guinea pigs since 1988, I did not begin actively breeding and competing until  the mid nineties (my first rabbit was a Dutch named "Peter Rabbit" and my first cavy was a *badly* marked broken chocolate American named "Bobby Sox").

When I finally made the jump to breeding and showing, I started off with American Fuzzy Lops, Mini Lops and Mini Rex with the bunnies and Teddies and Silkies with the piggies.  CPR&C [which was also registered under the name Le Petite Etoile at one point] has since bred Netherland Dwarfs, Jersey Woolies, Angoras and Teddy Satins, before deciding on our current line up of Mini Rex, English Lops, French Lops, Mini Lops, Peruvians, Peruvian Satins, Silkies, Silkie Satins, Teddies, and Texels.

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We currently have a few  cavies in many different  breeds and colors available for sale at this time...

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